Aphyosemion haasi Radda & Pürzl 1976

A.haasi, wild male from the type locality.
Photo Courtesy of Ed Pürzl

Meaning of Name

After Karl-Heinz Haas of Stuttgart.

First Description

Radda, A.C. & Pürzl, E. 1976

Der Aphyosemion cameronense Komplex.

DKG Journal 8 (11): 140-141.


4.5 cm although some reports put them at 6 cm.


D = 12-13, A = 16-17, D/A = +7-8, ll = 31-32 (+2). From the original description.







  • Aphyosemion cameronense haasi Radda & Pürzl 1976
  • Zomoko (Northern Gabon)
Only known from the type locality.
Type Locality

A mountain brook which drains into the Amvené River north of Lalara 27 km northwest of Zomoko.


Very restricted. Presently only known from the type locality.


A small mountain stream. They are known to inhabit shallow areas & have been found under fallen leaves.

Biotope of A.haasi 27 km northwest of Zomoko. These were flooded footprints of forest elephants.
Photo courtesy of Ed Pürzl

Distinguishing Characteristics Anal fin has 2 wide red horizontal lines. One as a submarginal outer band & the other close to the body. A.raddai shares this 2 line characteristic in this fin but in this species the top band does not touch the body.
Also, 2 wide red areas extend from the caudal peduncle & join in places. This is not found in an other species in the cameronense group.
Colour/Pattern Variability Low (currently only known from one collection site).

Found by Karl Heinz Haas with 3 others during a collection trip to north Gabon in January 1974. During a stay in Zomoko they met Gérard Lebrun a French exporter of tropical timber who allowed them to collect on company land northwest of Zomoko.

In December 1975 they were collected by Radda & Pürzl. This collection was used to describe the species which at the time was described as a subspecies - A.cameronense haasi.
In the description they mention also collecting A.herzogi 4·5kms from the type locality. These were not found together.

In January 1976 they were collected by Franz Bochtler & Wolfgang Gaspers in 1976 in a mountain river, 27 km to the north west of Zomoko, northern Gabon.

In July 1992 Grell attempted to reach the type locality but was unable to.

In January 1993 Legros, Eberl & Cerfontaine (LEC 93) tried to reach the area but found the road used in the '70's to be impassable.

In July 1993 Passaro & Eberl attempted to find the species but failed. They walked along about 6kms of the old road & collected A.cameronense (PEG 93/16) but not A.haasi.

Breeding Notes

The original fish introduced to captivity died before they could be bred so no information is known. It has been speculated that they would fall into a similar pattern as A.cameronense.

Diameter of Egg  

A species which has not (to date 2014) been collected since 1976.